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ROCK CANDY RECORDS relaunched label Grind That Axe is gearing up for two new releases featuring fresh music from established artists. The latest artists to join us here at Rock Candy HQ are Stampede and Sweet Savage, two names that will be very familiar to discerning rock fans.



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FORMED IN BELFAST during the late 70s and originally featuring Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell, Sweet Savage earned their NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) stripes by releasing a succession of hard hitting singles and playing some of the most impressive live gigs of the era. Sadly, maybe due to geographical restrictions, the band failed to achieve the same success as their partners in crime such as Saxon, Samson, Iron Maiden and Diamond Head. It was no fault of their music that’s for sure.

With true grit and determination the band continued to make sporadic reformations over the years, most notably in 1991 following Metallica’s surprise decision to record one of their signature tracks as the b-side of ‘The Unforgiven’ single. In July last year the band reached a crisis point with the death of original guitarist Trevor Fleming but not before they had completed their latest album titled ‘Regeneration’

Vibrant and full of vim and vigour, perhaps the best thing of all about this new studio record is the fact the band have refused to abandon their roots, crafting songs and riffs that although contemporary in execution do not for one moment lose sight of their original scruffy urchin intention.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Warbird 2. Powder Monkey 3. Regenerator 4. No Guts No Glory 5. Saviour (I Am Not) 6. Do Or Die 7. Money 8. Razor’s Edge 9. Whiskey In The Jar 10. Eye Of The Storm 11. Queen’s Vengeance 12. Achilles 13. The Raid



‘A Sudden Impulse’


THE NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) was responsible for a lot of tosh but Stampede, were one of the most respected hard rock acts during the era, receiving both critical and commercial acclaim. Signed to Polydor Records, the band released two albums of seriously impressive melodic rock, tough on delivery yet sweet enough to suggest that the band weren’t just a one trick pony.

Fast forward some 25 years… with the band’s catalogue back in print, the interest generated prompted a reformation of the original band. Reuben Archer and Lawrence Archer together with original bassist Colin Bond have crafted a worthy and impressive, long lost follow-up to ‘Hurricane Town’, a new record harnessing all the promise of the original band but with the experience of years crafting their art in numerous studios and on the live circuit.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Send Me Down An Angel 2. Jessie 3. Having Fun 4. Make A Change 5. Hard Rock Hell  6. This Road 7. Homeward Bound 8. Shame On You  9. Natural Disaster 10. Humble Pie  11. Flaming Gold Bonus Tracks: 12. Recharged 13. Flaming Gold (acoustic)






THEY SAY THAT when the going gets tough the tough get going. It’s an old adage that could be applied to numerous rock bands who refuse to die, but for Enuff Z’Nuff it’s become, more or less, a battle code. In fact it’s a maxim that that they’ve lived by since day one of their inception. ‘Dissonance’ is a record full of all things sugar and spice with a sound and swagger that continues in the finest EZN tradition of razor sharp riffs and melodies to die for. The great thing about core duo Donnie Vie and Chip Z’Nuff is that they instinctively know how to inject both the maximum amount of muscle into every riff and squeeze the best out of every chorus. If you don’t believe it then plug-in and play tracks such as the title song ‘Dissonance’, ‘Lazy Dazy’, ‘Code Red’, ‘High’ and the beautiful ballad ‘Roll Away’. All Prime EZN with all the grand musical accoutrements you would reasonably expect. And, as a special treat, the album contains two additional bonus tracks not available on the Japanese release.
Their creative resurgence is further enhanced by the recent appointment of European booking Agent X-Ray Touring and festival appearances throughout the summer – including Download – plus a planned full European headlining club tour later this year and an appearance at Hard Rock Hell in December.
Track listing: 1. Dissonance 2. Fine Line 3. Lazy Dazy 4. Rollaway 5. High 6. Altered States 7. Playground 8. Sometimes 9. Joni Lynn 10. Chicago 11. Code Red (Bonus track – Studio Outtake) 12. When Doves Cry 13. Run For Your Life (Bonus track – Studio Outtake)

See Enuff Z’Nuff at Download: Saturday June 12th, 3rd stage – full electric performance & Sunday June 13th, Jagermeister Stage – acoustic performance





TWENTY YEARS AGO if you were an MTV devotee – and let’s face it most of us were  – you’d have had your senses assaulted by blasts of soulful hard rock from Little Caesar, a tatted-up bunch of lean ‘n’ mean biker boys from Los Angeles. They stood out a mile from the big haired, lipstick smeared glam contingency displaying a complete disregard for fads and fashion (always a sign of quality) which was proven by a cool-as-a-cucumber cover of  ‘Chain Of Fools’, a sixties r ‘n’b classic made popular by Aretha Franklin. It was a convincing performance alright, separating the men from the boys by virtue of its pulsating energy and vocalist Ron Young’s gargantuan vocal delivery.
In 2010, Little Caesar can be found moving forward with a vengeance. The band has crafted a new album, titled ‘Redemption’, a record full of vim and vinegar. Going back to their roots – not that they ever left them – the emphasis is on tough-guy riffs, blues soaked vocals and the sort of earthy vibe that suggests men on one hell of a mission. This is soulful blues-rock that defies compartmentalization and conjures up images of packed clubs, sweat soaked walls and determination beyond the call of duty.
Little Caesar is Ron Young (vocals), Loren Molinare and Joey Brasler (guitars), Fidel Paniagua (bass) and Tom Morris (drums).
Look out for European performances later in the year.
Track listing: 1) Same Old Story 2) Supersonic 3) Loving You Is Killing Me 4) Witness Stand 5) Redemption 6) Sick And Tired 7) Real Rock Drive 8) That Was Yesterday 9) Every Picture Tells A Story/ Happy 10) Woodstock  11) Just Like A Woman